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I’m an active voluneer for the Ipswich River Watershed Association. One of their programs is a volunteer monitoring program that collects temperature and dissolved oxygen at over thirty sites throughout the watershed once a month.  Now that several years of data have been collected, a nice data set has been developed.  I also follow some of the developments that CUASHI HIS has undertaken, namely the development of HydroDesktop and the WaterML standard.  In the past month, the monitoring data have been put onto CUASHI’s servers and now when one searches for either dissolved oxygen or temperature in the Ipswich River watershed using HydroDesktop, all the monitoring locations show up and the data can be downloaded.  I think that’s a great development for the program.  Way to go IRWA!

There are several professors at universities around the country who are active with CUASHI HIS, there is a CUASHI offices in Medford, MA and Washington D.C and the company Kisters is also active with the CUASHI HIS community.  The point being, if you are aware of some water quality monitoring that is being collected on your stream or river of interest, there are plenty of resources available to help you get your data published and made available to a wider audience.


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