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Admittedly, Cellular-News.com is not exactly on the top of my list for news sources.


Nevertheless, I did find this article interesting and I’m quite interested to see how this sensor technology develops.  I do wish the article could have had a graphic or two that shows how some of the data are being displayed.  These sensors and the data they collect could provide some innovative ways to assess stream restoration projects.


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The data from New England seem to strongly suggest that we have indeed managed to experience some large storms in the past few years.  Some researchers at UNH have put together a nice project website that presents some of the data for the Lamprey River here:


There are a number of interesting graphs on this page, but the cost of damage from flood in NH certainly caught my eye.  To the best of my knowledge, large flood control dams and extensive levees have not been constructed which essentially leaves quite a bit of infrastructure at risk.  Yes, low impact design, stormwater systems, bridges and culverts with adequate conveyance and other measures can help, but when a tropical storm hits already saturated soil, there are only so many places to store or route the water before roads and buildings start to get damaged from increased water elevations.

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GIS 4 Geomorphology

Since I live in Northeastern Massachusetts, I don’t think I’ll be able to put too many of these tools to use.    The Miles River is near me and I believe the slope is less than 1 foot per mile in some sections.

Nevertheless, the geomorphologist in me thinks this is a very cool site and certainly worth mentioning.  There are a number of ArcGIS tutorials, and the tools apply to mountainous landscapes and watersheds.  Another nice feature is that it is all completely free.  Thank you Mr. Cooley.


Hopefully some of you can put the tools to good use!

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The Kentucky Institute for the Environment and Sustainable Development publishes Sustain – a journal of environmental and sustainability issues.  The Spring/Summer 2011 issue has six articles covering stream restoration. The articles cover groundwater and surface water connections, floodplain restoration, urban stream restoration, artificial ponds and a case study.

The full issue is available here:


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