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Claire Thirwall started a great discussion within the LinkedIn group River Restoration Professionals.   She posted a link to a British stream restoration guide, and several other members made subsequent contributions to links to other similar efforts from different countries.  Here’s a condensed list of those links:

The River Restoration Centre’s Manual of River Restoration Techniques

The Wild Trout Trust publications (most items are for sale)

USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service Stream Restoration page (has links to several stream restoration and design guidance documents)

River Restoration Analysis Tool (River RAT)

Canada’s Fisheries and Oceans
Ecological Restoration of Degraded Aquatic Habitats: A Watershed Approach




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The Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife has just released a draft of its document titled “Stream Habitat Restoration Guidelines 2012” here.  It’s an  831 page document that I’ve only skimmed so far.  It does look rather thorough and as with many other documents covering the subject in general, it advocates for a watershed analysis and perspective on impacts throughout the landscape that can have an effect on physical channel habitat.  The document has 5 chapters covering some broad restoration themes, it then goes into 13 specific restoration techniques ranging from floodplain and channel manipulation, to large woody debris management and beaver management.  Finally, the document provides 10 appendices which appear to be introductions to academic courses such as fluvial geomorphology, sediment transport and hydrology.  Overall, it looks like an excellent reference to add to one’s  library on the topic of stream restoration.

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