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Smother transitions, improved seamless imagery, and easily create screen shots.  I’d agree with this Mashable author and suggest giving Google Earth 6.2 a spin.


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Vladimir Moya posted about a tool he’s developed in the LinkedIn HEC-RAS user group.  I checked it out, and it looks like a nice tool. For those of you who have developed models in HEC-RAS, you likely have dealt with the problem of managing a long list of geometry, flow and plan files. From what I could gather watching the videos that Vladimir posted on his site, it seems as though his tool provides a quick way to explore how sensitive your model is changes in the boundary condition or to Manning’s n, without either generating a bunch of plan files, or overwriting an existing plan file.

I haven’t taken the tool for a spin just yet, but I anticipate using it soon.  Nonetheless, thank you Vladimir for developing this tool and sharing it with an interested HEC-RAS user.

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It’s not clear to me how much this service will be used, but I give Google credit nonetheless for putting in some time and resources to develop this site and potentially save some lives.


As I write this, there is a flash flood warning for Dallas, TX but will anyone in Dallas be visiting this site?

As this site grows and matures, perhaps some information will surface in terms of how helpful this site is.

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I haven’t used this blog for advocacy so far. I’m making an exception today as I do feel strongly about the USGS stream gauging system in our country.  It’s hard to put a dollar figure on the value of the data these gauges provide all Americans, but I believe this is one area where taxpayers do get their money’s worth.  While I don’t live in the Lake Champlain watershed, I think it’s worth signing this petition.

Environment Petition: Maintaining the Stream Gage Program in the Lake Champlain Basin | Change.org.


HT: James Ehlers on LinkedIn

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Despite some press article indicating potential gauge shut downs, it appears as though some funds were found to keep gauges in NY and VT funded for another year.

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Sit back and enjoy…


HT: American Rivers blog

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While the damage that tropical storm Irene inflicted on Vermont is indeed a very sad story,  this is a very well made video of Vermonters showing their grit and gratitude.


HT: Hydraulically Inclined

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