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The USGS has just released a report titled: “Bedload-Surrogate Monitoring Technologies”

via USGS Scientific Investigations Report 2010-5091: TBedload-Surrogate Monitoring Technologies.

It provides a review and summary of  techniques that have been proposed a four relatively recent (2002-2007) workshops: FISC 2002, Erosion and Sediment Transport Measurements in Rivers: Technological and Methodological Advances 2002, Federal Interagency Sediment Monitoring Instrument and Analysis Research Workshop 2003 and the International Bedload-Surrogate Monitoring Workshop 2007.

The bedload surrogate technologies are broken down into active and passive sensors. The former includes acoustic doppler current profilers, sonar, radar and smart tracers, the latter includes impact pipes, impact plates, impact columns, magnetic tracer detection, and hydrophones.

The closing paragraph reads as follows:

“Although none of the bedload-surrogate technologies
described herein are yet broadly accepted for use in largescale
monitoring programs, several are under evaluation. The
benefits of verifying and operationally deploying selected
bedload-surrogate monitoring technologies would be considerable,
providing for more frequent and consistent, less
expensive, and arguably more accurate bedload data obtained
with reduced personal risk for use in managing the world’s
sedimentary resources.”


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