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This is a really well made video.  It’s got a great story.  One thing that’s neat to see with some dam removal projects is how community opinions on a project can change from opposition to support.

I’ve frequently wondered what would happen if a storm were to hit during a construction project and this video pretty clearly lays it out.  It also shows a dam that’s a bit harder to deconstruct than most.  That’s what makes this project such a great one because everyone has a can-do attitude.

Finally, one little touch that I thought was brilliant was the incorporation of a salmon outline on the color landscape architecture plan.

Gold Ridge Dutch Bill Creek Watershed.


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The best part about this tool is that the output is a presentation quality graph plotted on a probability axis. (Thank you Dan Moore at the USDA in Portland, OR). The macro enabled Excel 2007 worksheet can be obtained here:

The USGS PeakFQ software is nice because it’s so quick. It can produce a .bmp graphic, but at this point, I’m leaning towards the chart developed in Excel for presenting results in a report.

HEC-SSP also does the same thing. It’s a got a few more options (e.g a very basic map function to display your gages, streams and watershed) and a few additional analytical tools.  It’s my understanding that some of the staff at HEC are planning on incorporating more functionality into the program.

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