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Oregon State University’s Gordon Grant makes some salient points in this recent Hydrological Processes paper.
I completely agree with his statement on the lack of rigorous pre and post dam removal analyses, although my co-worker Matt Collins at NOAA is doing his best to take a crack at it. I also like Dr. Grant’s point on dam removal being an experiment with a known perturbation.
Well planned pre & post monitoring studies need money, which all too often, is lacking in dam removal projects.

If you are not familiar with Dr. Grant’s work, here’s a nice video of him working in at U. Minnesota’s St. Anthony Falls Lab provided by National Geographic. Do you think he enjoys his work?


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For better or worse, I found practically all of the presentations at this upcoming conference to be of interest.  While this conference is heavily weighted towards the western US, and with good reason, it is nice to see a few New Englander’s in attendance, namely my former boss Jim MacBroom and my current colleague, Matt Collins.

JFIC2010-1st-Announcement-111909-jmb-wTOC.pdf application/pdf Object.

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