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The Walters and Merritt piece still continues to influence the river restoration community.  The key statement in this article (in my opinion at least) is the Commissioner’s statement: “restoring stream beds to their original pre-mill dam state could result in the removal of thousands of tons of sediment, nitrogen and phosphorus that would otherwise be washed downstream.”

County to restore floodplains – SunGazette.com

I think Peter Wilcox’s quote from an earlier Earth Magazine article should still be kept in mind: “One pound dug out is not one pound prevented from reaching Chesapeake Bay because of intermediate deposition.”

The Sun Gazette also published this article a day later.  In this case, floodplain sediment removal is proposed.  Here’s another project that screams the need for monitoring data.  Will these projects really reduce the sediment load to Chesapeake Bay, especially given the amount of proposed vegetation disturbance? It’s not immediately clear that it will, but even if the projects do reduce sediment loads, how will anybody know unless some sediment sampling/monitoring projects are implemented?


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Here’s a short piece that mentions some channel daylighting efforts.  Given the popularity of the Rosgen classification system and his natural channel design approach, it’s not entirely clear to me how these tools can be used on piped and burried channels.  It seems as though a partial list of other design tools would include regime equations, regional hydraulic geometry curves, and sediment transport estimates.

A River Runs Under It – Dot Earth Blog – NYTimes.com.

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Admittedly, this is not exactly hot off the press. Nevertheless, the collection of publications here is a good one.

Water Quality and Ecology Research : River Restoration Resources .

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The US Forest Service Streamteam staff have now made their videos available immediately by allowing anyone to watch them online.

Stream Team – Videos.

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American Rivers has put Flickr to great use and has a wonderful collection of river photos.  The link below is to one of three collections, Dam Removal and River Restoration.

Collection: Dam Removal and River Restoration.

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This video is about a year old now, but it is, nevertheless, still a good one to watch.

Oregon Field Guide — Marmot Dam Removed · Oregon Public Broadcasting.

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This Tri-Parish Times piece is another report on the Blum and Roberts findings that I had previously mentioned regarding restoration attempts on the Lower Mississippi.  Given the sediment load reduction, the reporter’s statement that “Louisiana officials will have to … make some difficult decisions about what can and can’t be restored” seems to be a bit of an understatement.

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